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Law Enforcement Officers should encourage citizens to record them, not repel them.

In the past, citizens and media had to rely on eyewitness testimony to hold law enforcement accountable. But with the advent of citizen cell phone technology, they can also protect themselves against false allegations. Now police officers have to be aware that their actions are recorded, which helps ensure they will be accountable for their […]

Law Enforcement Officers Should Embrace Citizen Cameras

Introduction The proliferation of cell phone cameras has made it easier than ever for citizens to record controversial interactions between officers and civilians. But rather than see citizen recordings as a threat or an inconvenience, police departments should embrace them as a tool for accountability and an opportunity for transparency. Police accountability is an issue […]

5 ways to protect your reputation on Social Media

Here are five ways to protect your reputation On social media brought to you by your favorite crisis management consultant. Me. These are the five areas where I notice people get in trouble.  Know your exposure online. Know where are all the places that people can bring you down or where a reputational crisis can […]