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How to effectively communicate to the public after an Officer Involved Shooting

Introduction For decades, the only way for police to communicate with the public after an officer-involved shooting was through press conferences and news conferences. This is no longer the case. Now, departments are taking advantage of social media as well as video evidence when available in order to share information with the public right away, […]

How to respond to a crisis after a viral video

There are a few things to keep in mind when responding to a crisis of a viral video. First, it is important to remember that the internet is a global community and that your response will be seen by people from all walks of life. Second, it is important to be respectful and professional in […]

How do you know when a Public Relations Crisis is over? 

How do you know when a Public Relations Crisis is over? It can be hard for the public relations professional to know when a crisis is over. There are often competing interests, multiple stakeholders and several parties that need to be satisfied in order for the issue at hand to come to a close. That […]

The role of Public Relations in a Law Enforcement Agency

The role of Public Relations in a Law Enforcement Agency Public relations is a critical part of any organization, including law enforcement. A department’s reputation can be damaged by poor public relations practices. Trust between the agency and the community it serves is important for achieving its mission. It is also difficult to regain trust […]

Caring is a currency that pays many dividends in Law Enforcement

Introduction Police work has always been a calling, and that’s what makes it such an important profession. But today, police officers play an integral role in the political process and have become part of the job market as well as the criminal justice system. As modern-day law enforcement professionals are becoming more diversely trained and […]

Spotting a Liar

Alex Jones

When it comes to spotting a liar, the reaction to the lie can often be more telling than the lie itself. In my work as a crisis communicator, I am constantly mining breaking news stories to gain insight into when someone is being truthful and when they’re not. I think many of you are like […]