How Not To Apologize

How not to apologize in a public statement. 

So today we’re going to talk about the communication assets that you need  effectively respond in a crisis or when there’s just a group of stakeholders that are Unpleased with how you’re doing business. One of the sections that I’ll be talking about is how to effectively an apology in a public statement can lay out a framework for how not to apologize. 

What do you not say? Any public statement that has any word salad mix of “I regret” “I’m sorry but” “I’m sorry if it wasn’t a different time” is a key indicator that that crisis will continue. How to stop a crisis with an effective public apology, add this one word, “apologize”, “I apologize”, “we apologize” and your crisis will hopefully be mitigated and move on to the next stage. Fail to add it.. your crisis is going to continue.

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